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Our story


Once Upon A Time there was a mother who wanted to inspire her children to spend more time exploring nature. As she was a children's author, she decided to inspire her children by writing them letters from a girl named River and a boy called Tom, two kids from the City who travel on their flying bike Rusty. They tell magical stories of their adventures in nature, carrying out missions and meeting wonderful people along the way. 

Then, River and Tom started to send the children their own Missions to do, so that they could help her protect all the trees, animals and insects out there in the natural world. And the kids loved it! In no time, other children and their parents were asking for letters from River and Tom and the Secret Protectors Club was born!

Lots of parents have told us how River and Tom's letters and missions have inspired the entire family to spend more time in nature. It has brought calmness, creativity and self assurance into their children's (and their own) lives. What else could a parent wish for?

Other likeminded nature lovers have joined Secret Protectors Club and together we are on a mission to connect all children to nature! Inspired by the magical nature of Bali, we let River and Tom go on crazy adventures and meet amazing people in the Indonesian island of Bali.

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