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Secret Protectors Club

Inspire children from 4-8 to explore and connect to nature through illustrated letters and fun missions

What is

Secret Protectors Club?

Secret Protectors Club is a bundle of envelopes full of adventures for the entire family! Each envelope contains a letter and a mission card from a girl named River and a boy named Tom inviting your child to become a Secret Protector. In the letters River and Tom write about their adventure with real Nature Heroes they meet along the way. After the letter is read by the family, the family can go on their own simple but fun adventure with the help of the Mission Card. While River and Tom are a product of our imagination, our amazing Nature Heroes are very much real! Once the missions are completed the family unlocks a secret QR code featuring a message from the Nature heroes.

template nature heroes form good.jpg

For this edition River and Tom travel to the famous Island of Bali in Indonesia. They write about their adventures helping Nature Heroes make art from trash, plant mini forests, rescue snakes, learn all about organic coffee farming, hop on the Biobus and get lost in a magical bamboo wonderland. Bali and its Nature Heroes come to life in this bundle. 

Map with T & R on bike_edited.png

Join Secret Protectors in Bali

How it works


1. Add your child(ren)'s name to the envelope and place it on the door mat.

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

2. Enjoy reading the letter with your child(ren).


3. Complete the Mission.


4. Watch the Nature Hero video.

And repeat!


Love from our community



"It's been a big hit, the kids have been coming back to the letters & missions again & again & the videos have led to us exploring the topics together."



"My grandson has everything, I didn't know what to gift him, he really loves finding a letter on the mat!"



"I do feel empowered, I didn't have much experience in nature myself but all of a sudden I’m an expert in the rules of Tree Climbing :)" 



"Foss is so proud to be part of the Secret Protectors Club, he loves to tell all his friends about how he goes on Secret missions!"



"I love this, it's crafty, inspires the kids to be eco conscious & really fun!"

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