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The making of the first letters and the results!

We are excited to update you on the development of the Secret Protectors' letters and missions. A short summary of our product for readers that are new to us: We develop personalised and magical letters for children 4-7 years old, to inspire and spark interest in the outdoors AND with it we send out mission cards so they can go on their own magical adventure outdoors!

These last few weeks were quite a journey; we tested our Secret Protectors Club letters and missions with more than 25 families and we are delighted with their feedback!

Here two beautiful responses we received:

- The kids are hooked! They even want to discuss now recycling and environmental topics during dinnertime! Thank you!

- We loved it and are already waiting to receive the next letter!

(Some pics of The Secret Protectors!)

We learned during our customer interviewing that:

Large majority of the parents want their kids to spend more time outdoors.

Parents would appreciate more inspiration on how to encourage their kids to enjoy spending time outdoors.

Parents would appreciate having more ideas on what to do with their kids in nature.

We can gladly say that WE ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK! YES!

The overall Secret Protectors Club experience was rated 8 out of 10, which is great!

The letters were very well received by the kids and their parents and were rated a glorious 9!

Many did mention that the letters were a bit on the long side, so our next ‘mission’ is to shorten the stories.

We received valuable feedback on the missions, which are an important component of our storytelling. We see the missions as the ‘nudge’ to go out and explore nature nearby and farther away. The missions are always connected to the adventures that River, the heroine of the stories, experiences together with Tom, her friend.

We discovered that the missions were a matter of taste: different families preferred different missions. Some missions were very popular with some families and other families enjoyed a completely different mission altogether! Some families were already enjoying spending time in nature; they asked for more challenging missions. Other families were excited to explore serious tree-climbing for the first time!

Some parents asked us to make the missions more exciting, similarly to the stories. That’s exactly what we are planning!

We had many good insights from parents:

  • The wristbands that we included with the first letter of the first pilot wasn’t very handy (pun intended) as some kids were not allowed to wear it to school, and some lost it quite quickly.

  • Parents suggested that we offer one indoor and one outdoor mission, both connected to nature and the environment.

We feel enriched with these great ideas and valuable feedback!

We wish to thank all the wonderful families who joined the pilots. So cool of you to experiment with us and offer us so many new insights.

We are listening carefully and will follow your advice!

Thank you!

Here some pictures of how our entire family participated in the making of the letters! My daughter loves to help with sticking the stamps and stickers on the envelopes and my son helps with folding!

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