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Secret Protectors Mission: How to make a Wind Chime!

The Ancient music maker was discovered a veeery long time ago in Asia. These Wind bells have been crafted for very good reasons, The grownup version goes as following:

  1. Promote Peace and Good health

  2. Ward evil away

  3. Protect people from Illnesses

The Children version is:

Close your eyes and just Listen to the music the wind is playing for you

So how hard is it to make a Wind Chime? Well it all depends on what kind of materials you want to use and how much time you want to spend on it. I believe the way to do this is to make it easy and short so that all family members will enjoy the process and soon can start listening to the wind music.

The easy steps to make a wind chime:

  1. Explain the kids WHY you are going to make a wind chime? Once the kids know why they do things they do, they will do them waaay more enthusiastically (except of course if they don't care about the why:). SO here is one version of the why: While we often times find wind disturbing or annoying because it makes our hair messy or it slows us down while we are biking or running, the wind actually is there to make music! But we have to help the wind out by making something it can blow against to make music: Music bells: Wind chime! Show them a picture like this one: So they will know what they will be making!

  1. Collect 8 smaller (between 15-25 cm) branches from the park/forest and one bigger one (between 30-35cm). When we collect any natural gifts we always ask for natures permission by saying thank you and touch the earth.

  2. Colour (if you want, you don’t even have to!) it with Acrylic paint or even better water resistant paint if you have! What we did we bought a transparent waterproof paint to put on top of the acrylic one. At the end of the day you want to hang it outside on the balcony or garden or on a tree you love so much, so that the wind can do its magic and make some wonderful music.

3. Drill Holes or glue the whole thing with with ropes. Use for this one wooden glue so it will stick well together.

4. Hang it up somewhere the wind can blow and enjoy the music the wind is playing for you!

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