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5 ways to get your child outdoors during winter lock down

Updated: Jan 6

And here we go again. At least in the Netherlands, we are experiencing another lock down during and after Christmas break. While pretty much all stores are closed and we can't just pop in to see our relatives, we have to find things to do with our kids in-and-outside to stay sane and free from screen guilt!

That is why we have come up with 5 cool activities to do outdoors with your child. Of course, a big must is to wrap them up in nice warm/rainproof clothing maybe with an umbrella and rain boots and you are good to go!

1. Picnic outside! This may sound a bit crazy but trust me its going to be a lot of fun! Prepare some sandwiches, blanket and warm tea,and tell your children 'Kids I am about to do something crazy, who is in? Share that you really want to picnic outside because it's fun and quite insane, and GO! You can even make campfire or a barbecue! If you are not allowed to go out during lockdown, set that picnic blanket in the living room and turn of television. Appreciating nature happens in many ways.

2. Treasure hunt: Another Favourite of mine is to tell your child(ren) that 'someone', this can be a pirate, fairy, dragon or a snail hid a treasure outside for them to find. While your kids are enjoying the outdoors you hide a treasure (mandarin/cookie/both) behind a tree! Don't forget to thank, with your children, that 'someone'!

3. Discover the Dark: Winter brings beautiful darkness; go on an early night stroll to find lights, stars and other mysteries in the dark. Bring an umbrella if its raining, rain gives a special magic to darkness!

4. Clean the streets to make people happy! What if your family could surprise the neighbours by cleaning all the facial masks and other waste from the streets? After you have done this incredibly kind thing outdoors treat yourselves to some hot chocolate!

5. Hang up seed bombs: The poor birds need to eat! Make or buy/order seed bombs for birds and go out to hang them up in trees! Trees in the park or trees in the forest. The birds will be forever grateful and your family will feel useful, win-win I would say!

Enjoy these missions and think about how to turn these into a ritual? Picnic outdoors every Wednesday for lunch? Discovering darkness every Saturday evening? Creating Rituals around the outdoors will make it easier for you to introduce these activities without persuasion (and struggle?).

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