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Meet your child's new penpals! Created and written by acclaimed authors, River and Tom are two kids from the City who travel on their flying bike Rusty and discover all the magic and adventure that nature brings! 


Secret Protector


Secret Protector

You can’t create magic alone! These are our magicians, wizards and fairies.

Inge Roos

Master of Dutch language

Andrew Bangor-Jones

Story Wizard

Babet Reinders

Good Fairy

Živilė Meškauskaitė

Operational Mermaid

Masha Cheriakova

Founder & Chief Troublemaker

Darya Savishchava

Marketing Wizardess

Jana van ’t Land

UX Magician

Rita Tsikhanovich

Visual Magic

Christine Fox

Master of English Language


Our gurus, whose advice takes the Secret Protectors Club to the next level.

Georg Tanner

Swiss Re

Robert Wolfe

Net Zero generation

Enid Brun


Pascal van Ham


Annemarie Joosen

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Yamit Gutman

Co-founder and Nature Guru

Our story

Once Upon A Time there was a mother named Masha Cheriakova. And Masha wanted to inspire her children to spend more time exploring nature. As she was a children's author, Masha decided to inspire her children by writing them letters from a girl named River, who would tell magical stories of her adventures in nature, carrying out missions and meeting wonderful characters along the way. 


Then, River started to send the children their own Missions to do, so that they could help her protect all the trees, animals and insects out there in the natural world. And the kids loved it! In no time, other children and their parents were asking for letters from River and Secret Protectors Club was born!

Lots of parents have told us how River's letters and missions have inspired the entire family to spend more time in nature and that this has brought a calmness, creativity and self assurance into their children's (and their own) lives. What else could a parent wish for?

Now a whole bunch of magicians, fairies, witches and wizards who believe in the power of nature have joined Secret Protectors Club and together we are on a mission to connect all children to nature!

In April 2021, we are launching our first product via Crowdfunding!

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