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Secret Protectors

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Who is River?

River is a city girl who learns about her magical powers in the first letter. Her magical powers are being able to talk to all creatures, trees and other living things. After meeting her friend and neighbour Tom and finding a magical bike they are set to discover what this big world is all about. And for them that is discovering the magic of nature!

Who is Tom?

Tom is a boy that enjoys a good story. He’s open minded, a bit of a dreamer, and loves spending time in nature . . . especially up in the trees.  When he meets his new city friend River, they are magically transported into a secret world where anything can happen. Together, River and Tom create the Secret Protectors Club with a mission to protect the natural world.

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We are moms and entrepreneurs who have seen first hand the powers of nature on our children. The calmness, creativity and curiosity it brings is just wonderful. And we as parents feel pride to share this with them. We also know the importance to learn to love and protect nature so that we as humans can grow safely and protected. That is why we want to offer fellow parents simple steps to help our children and our planet thrive, while awakening kids’ curiosity and imagination. 

Nature is magical. Let’s marvel at it together. 


We invite you to join: kids AND parents. Isn’t it nice for a change to belong to one and the same club as a family?

Our Team


Masha Cheriakova

Co-founder and Chief      Troublemaker


Darya Savishchava

 Marketing Wizardess


Jana van T Land

UX Magician


Jenn Rill

Sales Sorceress


Rita Sikhanovich

Visual magic creator


Christine Fox

Master of English language

Inge Pic.jpeg

Inge Roos 

Master of Dutch language


Enid image.jpeg

Enid Brun

Founder SKTK


Pascal van Ham

Creative Leader INFARM


Annemarie Joosen

Digital Transformer

Anja Cheriakova

Co-Founder at


Babet Reinders


Yamit Gutman

Our dream is to create a new generation of nature protectors! But before we can go into protecting we first have to inspire and educate our children to fall in love with nature. Because you only truly protect what you love.

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